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Love in the Time of Swine Flu

It's raining in New York.   The restaurant I was planning to hit up for dinner had inexplicably vanished, so getting out of the rain, I ended up eating my last dinner in the city that never sleeps in a Tribeca deli.   Pretty good actually.

That's the thing about New York food, it's all pretty good.   In all the meals I've had since I came to the city, I haven't had a single one I would consider subpar.   A lot is made about New York pizza, and I guess I always assumed people were talking about those 3-5 little hole in the wall places that only real New Yorkers know about with the 90 year old Italian man who makes pizza in the woodburning oven he strapped to his back and brought with him from the old country.   But I've had pizza in delis, pizza in Times Square, Pizza in the freakin' Museum of Natural History.   I ate a lot of pizza is what I'm saying.   But the thing about it is, all of it was good.   Just the right consistency, texture, sauce, amount of cheese.   All were different but all were great.

I also ate the best calzone ever.   Some upscale deli-like place near the Paley Center.  It had a bunch of different kitchens with different ethnic foods.   A Korean guy running the Korean kitchen, an Italian guy running the Italian kitchen etc. (That's another thing, all the ethnic food I bought seemed to be from dudes of that particular ethnicity).  Well the calzone is made with entirely fresh mozzarella, and a dipping sauce that was just right.   Phenomenal.

Before I continue, lemme get back to my trip into New York (this one is for you Strydz).  My borrowed GPS is working like a charm and I've run into virtually no traffic since the border.   All of sudden I'm caught in the highway that runs through Syracuse and everything slows to a crawl.   A slow crawl.  Now, I decide to take the time to play with the GPS a bit, seeing as how I'm bored.   I mess with it a bit, and then we get past the accident causing all the slowdown, and I'm back on my merry way.  About 30 minutes or so later, I notice that the estimated time of arrival on my GPS has changed from 7:30 to 10:30.   Now I know something is wrong.  So I pull over into a McDonalds in small-town New York, since I'm not sure if I've been going the right way since Syracuse or not.  I figure I need to check the honest to goodness paper maps I got at CAA before I left.  And that's when I realized they were still at home.  Yes, I forgot my MAPS.  Who would need those on a road trip?  Anyways, I had to reset the gps, and turn data roaming on in my iphone so I could double-check with google maps to make sure I was heading the correct way.

I had some stuff written about my experience with the two New Yorks (ie the museum attitude vs the subway attitude) but I couldn't make it cohesive enough to make sense, so I dropped it.

And now: Random photos from my time here!

This is a map of the states I found at the Museum of Modern Art.  Maybe I'll hit them all.

Here's New York from a duck boat (Its a bus that goes in the water -- as tours go it was pretty good).This is a view of the Empire State Building from the top of 30 Rock.

Yes, B, I made it to Strawberry Fields.

Captain!  Thar be whales here!  

Thank goodness Superman was there to save me from that falling truck.   I blame the Transformers.

That's it for now.   Heading down to DC tomorrow.  Gonna say hi to my buddy Barack.   Barack Jones.  You don't know him.

*Top photo taken by yours truly


  1. haha well at least maps are cheap and now you can relax about it!

    Great pics!! awesome!


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