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Insérer le Titre Ici

I was there.  On the Plains of Abraham.  The battlefield where the control of our young nation was decided in blood and gun smoke.  And there, in the distance, was a woman.  Doing soundcheck.

It turns out Quebec City has a pretty kickass music festival every year.  And the main stage is in Battlefield Park where the British finally defeated the French and took control over what would eventually be Canada.  Even as a I took a tour of the Citadel, the great fortress that was never taken (and never attacked), we could hear the music in the distance.  The ominous echoes of a violent history overtaken by alternating francophone and anglophone folk-rock felt particularly... Canadian.

The Citadel, still technically an active military base, was an interesting look into the British era of control over Quebec and how a francophone battalion (now regiment) came into being and won honour for the country.  In front were two soldiers in full red regalia, bearskin caps and all.  Their faces never wavered, though I couldn't say the same for the sheepish young soldier who brought a glass of water out to them with separate straws so they could stay hydrated.  Not exactly elite duty.

Old Quebec, seemed to me at least, to be bigger than Old Montreal.  Busier too.  It was likely  because of the music festival but there were several very large tours of young people wandering about.  A couple of street performers put on a show but mostly it was just restaurants and souvenir shops catering to tourists.  Albeit from inside centuries-old buildings.

It was a quick day in Quebec City.  And my only one.  I may catch a couple of sights tomorrow since I'll be leaving late to drive overnight-ish to Halifax but I'll see how it goes.  I already have a late checkout, so I plan to sleep in.

btw is there a better battlefield name than the 'Plains of Abraham?'  If there is I don't know it.


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